Manipulation of the rendering rule of an Image Service

02-14-2019 12:29 AM
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Is there a way to dynamically adjust the rendering rule parameter of an image service so that the gradient of a map contains different color values at different intervals?

Do the raster data have to meet certain criteria or based on special formats when creating and then using the Rendering Rule parameter?

Raster functions that can be made available to the service during publication were used to try to adapt the raster file to new pixel values and then apply a colormap. The raster functions used were Remap and Colormap. However, the pixel values in the raster file were not changed.

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Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve. It appears you are using an RFT that contains remap and then colormap function during publishing an image service. This is possible but don’t quite get what result you are trying to achieve. You sate: “However, the pixel values in the raster file were not changed”, this is as expected since the server will be processing and change the values per the functions on-the-fly.

Note there is a sample sample RFT with colormap and remap in doc:

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With the raster function I want to dynamically change the color values of a raster file that I have published as a image service. For example when I zoom in the map of my raster file shows me more pixel values and these pixel values should be displayed with the same color definition but with a new color range for the new pixel values. I thought there is a way using raster functions.

It's also possible to add a rendering rule to the export image function. Is there maybe a way to dynamically change the color in the image service using the rendering rule parameter and if so, what do I have to do?

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As an example, here is a rendering rule that allows you to convert the raster file from one color to another.

  "rasterFunction": "Colormap",
  "rasterFunctionArguments": {
    "colorramp": {
      "type": "multipart",
      "colorRamps": [{
        "type": "algorithmic",
        "fromColor": [255,0,0,255],
        "toColor": [0,255,0,255],
        "algorithm": "esriHSVAlgorithm"

How would that look for 100 million points within a value range of -200 to 200 and you want to adjust that value range  dynamically to two more ranges, like -85 to 85 and -10 to 10?

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