Landsat 8 layer use documentation, layer properties, and use of Time Slider.

04-17-2019 05:57 PM
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We're having a tough time finding documentation explaining the settings in the Time tab in the Properties of any given Landsat 8 layer (added from ArcGIS Online) Properties settings, and also a tough time matching those settings in the Options settings of Time Slider. When the Options settings in Time Slider don't match the settings in the Properties Time tab, the Landsat 8 layer becomes invisible.

Most of it is intuitive and obvious. But we're not sure what the "Time Offset" setting is in the layer Properties Time tab, or how to match it in the Options settings of Time Slider. We're also not sure what the "Time window" is in the Options settings of Time Slider, or what, if anything, it is supposed to match from the layer Properties Time tab.

Sadly, two calls to Esri tech support yielded conversations with three different "analyst," the third finally being someone in Raster, with none of the three knowing any more about it than we do. Goodbye to one whole hour out of a business day.

Any tips, links to documentation or other assistance would be appreciated.

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