Image Server and Geoprocessing

11-30-2010 05:09 AM
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Can geoprocessing be performed on image service services?  I noticed when a service is created that all of the pixel values are displayed as NoData.  This would lead me to believe that you can't use tools such as spatial analyst with an image server service.  Is this correct? TIA!
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Hi Martin,

Geoprocessing CAN actually be performed on image service.

There are two ways to use Image services as input in a spatial analysis tool.

1. The spatial analysis tools are accepting the image service layer input, if you add the image service to ArcMap table of contents, the image service layer will automatically appear in the tool's input drop-down list.

2. If you prefer to use python scripting outside the ArcMap, the "Make Image Server Layer" tool must be used to convert the image service URL address to a in-memory image service layer. The layer then can be used as input in the spatial analysis tool.

But please beware the output size of the raster you can get from image service is limited by the service properties, default is 4100x15000.

If you can provide more information about how you get this all-nodata result, I may be able give more suggestions.

Thank you!
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Thanks for the reply!  I recently was able to run a clip function on some aerial imagery, but I tried running a hillshade on a LiDar image service that we have.  It ran to  completelion, but kicked out a grey blob.  When I use the identify tool to measure a pixel value, it only returns 255 whether I click on or outside of the image service?  Is there a setting that needs to be selected that will enable Spatial Analyst functions on image server services?

Thanks again,

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