Identify / Label images in Mosaic Dataset?

04-30-2015 05:16 PM
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Is it possible to label the images in some manner  so that you can see which one is which when looking at the footprints?

What I have is a mosaic dataset containing multiple dates of RapidEye imagery. In some areas, where there are multiple scenes overlapping, when I zoom into one of our sample cells, I have the labels from the footprint files show up, however, I do not know which of the labels applies to the image I am actually seeing on the display (or in other words, I don’t know which image is on top).

Using the “Mosaic Method” options also doesn’t help, especially since the sort order can change as I zoom in or pan around.

I have tried turning on the labels for the mosaic dataset footprint feature class as follows:

    1.      Right-clicking on it and selecting Properties.

    2.      In the Label Properties dialog box click the Label tab

    3.      Check the radio button next to Label Features in This Way

    4.      For Method, from the drop down menu select Label all the features the same way

    5.      For Label Field select Name or any other field that you would like to use for identification

    6.      Adjust other properties such as size and color then click ok.

    7.      Labels will appear with the footprint in ArcMap

Unfortunately this does not work. For our application, I have to be able to tell the date of the imagery that I am looking at, so that I can attribute the identified points or events with the correct date. There can be up to 5 different images with different dates available in the mosaic, and I don’t know which one I am looking at.

So, I guess my question is: Is there some way to highlight or only display the label of the image that is on top and viewable?

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first of all, please check the thread at How to label only those rasters that are currently in view

secondly, it looks to me that it is better to build/ combine a time-serial composite MD from multiple Mosaic Datasets for your case, which will be much easier to control or label. Pls refer to the discussion at ...

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Thanks Larry

I will check out these recommendations



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