How to copy mosaic footprints to a feature class

02-07-2013 09:40 AM
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We are upgrading our 9.3.1 image service to 10.1 Mosaic Datasets.  With 9.3.1, we were able to copy the footprints of a mosaic by opening the footprint shape file from a script.  However in 10.1, this seems impossible.  Yes, the footprint layer resides inside the mosaic and is accessible from ArcMap as if it were a feature class with the ability to edit footprints and even adding new fields.  Unfortunately none of these functions are accessible from the model builder or via scripting.  I cannot drag the footprint layer to the model builder nor can I reference the footprint layer from a python script.

Is there any way to copy the footprints of the mosaic out to an external feature class or shape file?

Vu Dang
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