How do you combine/nest Image Service client side rendering rules?

02-18-2015 04:47 AM
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I've had limited success with applying client-side raster function rendering rules to an image service.  I've successfully applied the Mask function, but now I want to combine it with a Colormap rendering rule, preferably with a Color Ramp visualisation.


I'm testing with the Image Service's Export Image page of my server directory on a single band raster.  My Mask rendering rule, showing values between 200 and 500, looks like this:


{   "rasterFunction" : "Mask",   "rasterFunctionArguments" : {     "IncludedRanges" : [200,500],     "NoDataValues" : [],     "Raster":"Raster"   },   "variableName" : "Raster" }


Now I would like to combine it with the Colormap rendering rule with a Color Ramp.

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How to apply a colorramp rendering rule is not documented in REST API raster function section documentation.

I tried below syntax but it neither applied it on image service nor gave any error. Any clue will be very useful.

thank you!

{"rasterFunction":"ColorRamp", "rasterFunctionArguments":{


  "type": "algorithmic",

  "fromColor": [115,76,0,255],

  "toColor": [255,25,86,255],

  "algorithm": "esriHSVAlgorithm"


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