How do i change the precision of the identify tool for floating point raster data

06-20-2017 02:08 PM
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When I'm using the identify tool on floating point raster data (it's a tif file), how can I change the number of decimal places of the pixel value returned by the tool? In the attached screen shot I have six decimal places showing. How might I make that, say, four decimal places showing (without truncating the actual data).

I can see how I might do this for feature layers that have an attribute table, but a floating point raster has no table so no joy there.



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Sorry, ArcMap version is 10.3.1 on Windows 7 64bit

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From what I can see you can't.  Is there a purpose for the request? since it is just an info tool, I wouldn't pay to much attention to the decimals, it almost looks like it is single precision 

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Hi Tim,

a few hints:

1) Pixel Inspector Tool

though this will not solve your issue and also display the full coordinates but comes very handy when querying attributes of Raster Data: Check out via  Customize => Commands => Category Raster => Command: Pixel Inspector Tool. Is much easier and shows you neighboring pixels as well as a choice of Raw and Rendered Values.

2) A raster process applied - Find attached a zipped python file. This is a little sample raster process based on the arithmetic function. It works nicely to display only integers and rounded integers (for 1 Band rasters) - but trying to apply rounding on 10th/100th/1000th unfortunately will keep showing a lot of decimals - must be something because of the float data type.

To use this sample - just refer to the help about applying Raster Functions - and use the input line for python raster functions. Best start of from the Image Analysis Window.

To understand, modify, learn: read the help about Python Raster functions and if interested also check the functions provided on github.

3) MosaicDataset again
Since you most likely identify on Source resolution level - here an easy way to get Integers displayed 🙂
- Create a MosaicDatset that is Integer only and add your data ... There is no "Doubling up" of data that way - you just query it in a different way