Getting actual timestamps through an image service

03-13-2012 10:11 AM
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I'd like to be able to get the time stamps of the rasters in a mosaic dataset through the service, so that I can list them in my silverlight app.  From perusing the object model, it seems that I can get the names of the fields in the metadata, but not their values.  Am I correct in assuming that I simply can't get this information as of version 10.0, or am I missing something?  The closest I seem to be able to get is the start and end time of the time extent of the entire mosaic dataset.

To be clear, the more general case here is that I am trying to query mosaic dataset metadata through the image service.  Is this possible?


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Yes time, date or any other attributes can be queried and returned to the client application.
You need to create a new fields in the attribute (Footprint) table. This then needs to be filled with the correct values.
Some of the raster types will automatically add fields such as acquisition data if available in the metadata.
In the Mosaic Dataset properties, Defaults, Catalog Properties, Allowed Fields you need to ensure that the field is selected and so will be transmitted to the client applications.
Specifically for Time support you can in the same properties page define the StartTimeField and EndTimeField (can be the same), which is then used by the time series tools.
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