Fixing a bad stretch on imagery in a source mosaic with statistics?

10-11-2020 05:20 PM
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I am having an odd issue here that I hope is due to user error and not a bug. I am trying to add rasters to a source mosaic, calculate statistics and then visualise that mosaic correctly in Pro / image service.

Workflow is:

  1. Add rasters to mosaic
    • Mosaic is in an SDE
    • Source rasters are Maxar satellite products - e.g. worldview 2
    • Processing template or raster type is multispectral
    • Source data is located on a fileshare NAS \\mydata
  2. Build pyramids and statistics
    • build pyramids = False
    • Calculate statistics = True
    • Skip existing = True
    • Include source datasets = True
    • Estimate mosaic dataset statistics = False. As this is a live mosaic with regular data updates, it is my understanding that this should not be set to true.

If I visualise the source mosaic at this point the imagery is stretched poorly, typically looks like there is a green filter on the image. 

Resolution to the above?

Remove all rasters from the source mosaic and re-add them using the same parameters from step 1. The imagery now stretches correctly and displays perfectly in the image service & Pro. It almost seems like there hasn't been a refresh/config change in the mosaic after the statistics are calculated for the source dataset and re-adding them resolves this. 

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Appears to be related to stats being updated. This occurs in Pro 2.5 but is resolved in later versions. You may noticed the issue resolves if you reload the mosaic dataset or just pan/zoom around. This is resolved in later versions although you may need to ensure the stats are created.

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