Export Volume Measurements as SHP or Feature

01-17-2020 12:29 PM
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I think this is more of a product enhancement request.

I know we are able to get volume measurements in the Drone2Map tools. Is there a way to export those volume drawings as a shapefile or a feature class to be saved later and possibly used again?

For me: I have pilots that fly drones for a site and get requests from volume changes for those sites. I would love to be able to upload the shapefile of a volume measure and rerun the volume for that same polygon and get the new measurement for the new flight. Essentially I want to take away the variable of change when you have to redraw the volume calculations. 

An even better option would be to give this volume calculation power to my project managers by producing a Web Application with my imagery and a Volume Calculator widget. This would give the project managers (who know more about the sites) the ability to make their own, more accurate, volume calculations. 

Any thoughts and help would be fantastic.  

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