Drones with MISB video for FMV compatibility? / 3DR H520-G drone FMV compatible?

10-12-2019 10:38 PM
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Seeking advice on current drones and/or related sensors that support the MISB standard in video output for optimal ArcGIS FMV compatibility, particularly drones that are US made, but advice on any brands/models appreciated.  I've used DJI drones exclusively and have used the apps to make their video output FMV compatible (DatCon, CIRRUAS), but it is not a complete solution. 

Also, I've started a petition asking DJI to support MISB compliance, please consider signing:



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In related news, I see Esri/3DR are endorsing the H-520G drone as part of the "Drone Collections" bundles..  anyone know if that drone/camera combo supports MISB and is FMV-friendly?

Esri Partners With 3DR To Launch The ArcGIS Drone Collection 

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I thought DJIs enterprise RPAS (i.e. M210 V2 RTK) might offer the MISB-complient video.  I've flown the Mavic prior to the Matrice210.  I'm very disappointed to learn the M210 doesn't offer the MISB-complient video either.  I attempted to sign your petition but it continued to produce an error.  Sorry I can't offer you any suggestions on RPAS that'll acquire MISB-complient video.  I was wondering if you'd recommend one over the other re DatCon and CIRRUAS?

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