Drone2Map: How to preserve results of previous processing runs?

09-14-2020 08:15 AM
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Regarding running multiple processing runs in Drone2Map: For processing run #1, I used Drone2Map to generate an ortho, DSM and DTM using the Inverse Distance Weighting method with no noise filtering and no smoothing applied. For the processing run #2, I re-ran the processing using the triangulation algorithm, noise filtering, and surface smoothing ("smooth" option). However, the results of the 2nd run (DSM and DTM) overwrote my original 2D products, including the report, so I can't compare the two. 
Is there a way to do multiple processing runs in Drone2Map within the same project while preserving previous results? I could create an entirely new project, but I believe I'd have to re-do the links between photos and GCPs, which I'd rather not have to do.
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When running multiple jobs for testing out different processing option settings, I create a project for each one, but reuse the image linked GCPs from the initial run.  Select all GCPs from the first project and use the Export Control tool to create a ZIP file.  This file can then be imported into new projects with the photo links already generated.

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