Drone2Map crashes when opeing previous projects?

05-07-2017 09:49 AM
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When I complete the processing for a project and close the project, but then try to reopen the project file it encounters and unexpected error and closes. See attached message the shows up everytime. Any ideas what the problem is?

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This is happening every time that projects are opened after processing is completed?

Please do the following and send the D2M.log to me (I'll message you my email):

Edit: "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Drone2Map\Bin\data\config\log.json"

   "logLevel": "debug"

Run Drone2Map and try to load the project, then send me "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Drone2Map\log\D2M.log"

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It appears that this is a known issue in Drone2Map for ArcGIS Version 1.1

There is a race condition between loading the basemap and drawing the project on the map.  This doesn't happen for everyone, it depends on how quickly the basemap loads.

In this case Laird was starting Drone2Map by double clicking the *.d2m file in Explorer.  A work is to open Drone2Map first, wait for the basemap to load and then open the project from the "Project" tab backstage.

This issue should be fixed in the Drone2Map for ArcGIS Version 1.2 release.

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Experiencing the same issue. I had just set up a project and was about to start processing, but something came up and I closed the project. When I returned, upon opening the project, the loading project status bar would disappear after a while then the program would freeze. 

Using version 1.3.2

UPDATE: I was opening Drone2Map through the Windows Start Menu, then using the Project tab to open the project. To get it to work, I double-clicked the .d2m file, which opened up Drone2Map, but did not open the specific project. I then opened the project using Project tab, and it worked. 

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