Does Term license of ArcGIS Desktop include Full Motion Video (FMV)?

02-15-2018 08:07 PM
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I just read about Term licensing at

I know that a Perpetual license of ArcGIS Desktop when maintained includes entitlement to a Full Motion Video license.

Does a Term license of ArcGIS Desktop include entitlement to a Full Motion Video license?

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Yes.  For FMV all you need is the Basic license level for FMV, although there are geoprocessing tools for Mosaic Datasets under FMV that require a Standard (or Advanced) license.  Also note this is currently for ArcMap only (10.3 through 10.6), coming to ArcGIS Pro later this year, and you need to download the FMV add-in - it is not pre-installed with the rest of core ArcMap.  See


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I might need to re-phrase my question.

In the FMV_FAQ.pdf - Box it says:

How much does FMV cost?

The FMV add-in and GP tools are free if you’re current on maintenance for ArcGIS Desktop. Otherwise, there is a one-time licensing fee of $19.99. Once registered, you can use as many instances of the FMV add-in and GP tools as you want under the licensed account.  Your order can include more than one license for the same fee.

and at ArcGIS Desktop licensing—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop it says:

License duration

Perpetual licenses and term licenses are the two available models for the duration of an ArcGIS Desktop license.

A perpetual license doesn’t expire. This means that all the desktop applications included in the license can be used indefinitely. However, it is necessary to stay current with an Esri Maintenance Program to keep your ArcGIS Online organization active and to receive product updates and technical support.

A term license must be renewed annually.

It appears that the term maintenance may not apply to term licenses, so does that mean that a one-time licensing fee of $19.99 for FMV applies to a term license, or is paying a term license considered to be equivalent to maintenance when determining whether FMV is included?

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