Automatic Loop Raster Normalization

03-28-2019 04:23 PM
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I am working with MODIS 8-day average Land Surface Temperature (LST) raster files. I want to do a raster normalization for each raster in raster calculator. Since I have many raster files I want to create model builder so that I can run them in an iterative system. I am using the following equation.


However the raster calculator displays an error. I have searched for similar cases but I only saw python based solutions. Therefore this is to kindly ask if there is a way to do this without writing python script?

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Besides, Model Builder and arcpy script, you can run the Raster Calculator tool in the Batch mode. To do that, just click the tool > click 'Batch'. See web-help document here: 

What error the Raster Calculator tool is returning, can you share? I wonder if the size of the images. 

ArcGIS Pro is much better at processing large datasets. 

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