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11-06-2018 01:48 PM
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We have been using FMV for some time in Arc Desktop, and just testing the ArcPro Multiplexer which looks to have some advances in used of the DEM for processing.   

Although the same model runs fine in Arc Desktop, we get the following error displayed in ArcPro 2.2.   

Checking all the files we don't seem to see any errors?   I have attached.

Start Time: 
 ERROR 002652: Unable to parse the header of the metadata file. Ensure each column in the metadata file corresponds to a legal MISB 0601 header, or that there is a corresponding entry in the metadata field mapping file.
 Failed to execute (VideoMultiplexer).
Failed at 

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Dave,

I took a look through your data and there's a lot going on.

  1. We accidentally shipped the wrong template file with 2.2. We have fixed the template in 2.3, and I've also attached it to this post.
  2. There are a lot of columns in your data file that aren't valid MISB fields. This will cause errors in 2.2 and 2.3. We will be relaxing this requirement in 2.4, so that it will give a warning for each unrecognized field and specifically which field is unrecognized, instead of the current (relatively unhelpful) generic error message.
  3. The metadata file you've attached has a VerticalFOV field, but this isn't mapped (to "Sensor Vertical Field of View") in your metadata file. This is a required field in ArcGIS Pro. (This fact is currently documented incorrectly. It is now in the process of being updated.)
  4. You have both "sensor longitude/latitude" and "device longitude/latitude". What's the difference between these two? Internally, these mean the same thing, so one column will overwrite the other one, but in your data they have different values.
  5. We significantly reworked some of the internals of frame corner calculation in 2.3, and your data exercised an edge case we didn't consider. Thanks! The modified files I've attached will not work in 2.3 beta 1, but I have fixed the bug for 2.3 beta 2 and 2.3 final.

I've made changes to your files and attached them. These attached files work in 2.2, will NOT work in 2.3 beta 1, but will work again in 2.3 beta 2. The Video Multiplexer error messages still leave a lot to be desired in 2.3, but they will be significantly better in 2.4. Stay tuned.

Also, sorry for taking so long to reply. With the 2.3 release coming up, this was crunch time for us.


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Thanks Nick.   Happy to provide any further datasets to help work through any strange items.   I will retry these with the updated 2.3 as it is released.

Note that for ArcGIS Desktop multiplexer we would typically have many other fields which were not explicitly MISB mapped fields in the log file / metadata, and these would be ignored.  However it was useful for completeness and troubleshooting to have these still present in the data.    

Thanks again for all your time and work on the FMV toolset.  Merry Xmas

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