ArcMap fails to add rasters to the mosaic dataset

12-06-2019 08:11 AM
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I can’t figure out why ArcMap fails to add the rasters to the mosaic dataset.

The following messages are displayed in the results:

8004201a: Insufficient information from raster dataset.

8004204e: The footprint extent is completely outside the domain extent of the mosaic dataset´s coordinate system.

Does anyone know why it does not work or had the same problem before?

Hope anybody of you can help me! 

Thanks in advance! 

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I'm not sure the best GeoNet place, but trying somewhere other than MyEsri would help.  Maybe Imagery and Remote Sensing‌ ?

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Try creating a new mosaic dataset and specify its projection as Web Mercator so it covers the whole world.

I'm guessing you created a mosaic dataset and added a raster that's in UTM or State Plane coordinates, thus defining one coordinate system for the mosaic dataset, then  tried to add another dataset in a different projection.  If the projection information for the raster is complete AND the current coordinate system of the mosaic dataset includes your new area, it works automatically.  But if your new dataset has coordinates outside the mosaic, and/or the metadata for the new dataset is not complete, the software doesn't know where the image goes.

Let us know what version of ArcMap you're using.

THere is a LOT of good information at if you have time to read

Cody B