Working in FMV, no data/video/anything is present in finalized multiplexed location.

11-09-2016 08:23 AM
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Working within Full Motion Video, I have a .mp4 video file and its corresponding .csv file (both from Contour 2+ camera). When video multiplexing, I am able to get a success message within ArcMap; supposedly resulting in a MISB compliant video.

But the finalized, multiplexed output video is not in the output location i selected into the Video Multiplexer! There is simply nothing there (no video file, metadata, etc.). Does it save elsewhere, or is there a user error?

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Cody and Jeff,

Thank you very much for all your time. You were very helpful!

I think my two last posts were completetly unnecessary as I found the mistake. I didn't change the settings in excel permanently so every time I saved the file to .csv there were semicollons created instead of commas. I kept it in mind during few first tries but I just forgot while using the final version of .csv file. So I am really sorry for confusion. 

Now everything is working correctly. You are the best. Thank you very much!


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None of your column headings were properly labeled according to the documentation at

Please try this file 

Cody B

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