Use of drone in Local Governments

04-07-2017 11:02 AM
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I was wondering if folks have use Drone2Map or any drone application for that matter, in local government? How would you justify ROI in the use of drone in Cities and Counties? What departments are most likely to be benefited from an investment in drones and related software. 

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I am working on getting drones to be used at my County.  Currently our Public Works departments use them for inspections on Construction Projects.  They can also figure out how much dirt has been moved by flying at certain times then doing a difference to see what has been done.  Assessor office can use for new construction appraisals.  Emergency management, Asset management, etc.  For the small investment I think it is a good tool to have.  My thought is to have the drone/drones attached to our central GIS team and departments can request jobs to be done.  If it becomes something that they would need too often then we would help them get their own(training/cert/etc).