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Understanding usage of Raster Analytics in ArcGIS Enterprise

08-07-2023 07:59 AM
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Hello Community, 

I am looking for the best approach for computing change between 2 single-band rasters using Image Server in ArcGIS Enterprise. 


I have two single-band raster images of the same area, containing LandUseLandCover classification, and I have published both the rasters as individual image services i.e., per raster 1 image service.


The end goal that I am hoping to achieve was to have an application like WebAppBuilder / ExperienceBuilder / Configurable Apps etc that can show the changes between different classes of LULC like pixel count change or area change etc. 


Based on the research that I have done so far I understand we have following options: 

  1. Change Detection in ArcGIS Pro : - This is just for Pro and am not sure if something similar can be achieved in ArcGIS Enterprise.
  2. Image Mask Configurable App: - This has change detection feature however, it is focused on indices like NDVI, Burn Area etc
  3. Swipe Tool : I have come across different configurable apps like Media, Imagery Visit that has the functionality of swipe however, no quantitative information is shown in those applications. 

The closest I have come is using Compute Change raster function ( present in Portal Map Viewer however, I would like to know if we can use this raster function in WebApp Builder / Experience Builder or any other way. 

Additionally, if there is any other way to show/compute change of two landuseland cover rasters in ArcGIS Enterprise quantitatively please share, I am open to suggestions. 

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