Sentinel2 - Cubic resampling - ArcMap vs. QGIS

11-29-2019 03:52 AM
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Hi guys,

I am having problem with cubic resampling applied on Sentinel S2 (resolution 10 m). I set Cubic resample when Zoom In, but the result is still the same - pixelated.

I have tried the same sentinel in ArcMap with Cubic resampling and there was good - blurred result.

Is there solution for this? I don´t understand where is problem.

This is picture from QGIS 3.4. - cubic is set, but as you can see - it is not smooth. I have tried it with QGIS 3.8. but the result is still the same.

Thank you.

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Hi S V

I recommend the following:


Instead of using cubic resampling, according to the technical article, it is better to use the bilinear since when using the cubic, "calculate the value of each pixel by adjusting to a smoother curve based on the surrounding 16 pixels. Smoother but can create values outside the range found in the source data ".


Technical article link: Resampling

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