Segment Mean Shift vs Segmentation

04-03-2019 05:52 AM
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I'm trying to run segmentation on a large number of rasters, to do this I'm planning on iterating through them in a model. However, in ArcPro the Segmentation tool (Imagery>Classification Tools>Segmentation) can't be added to a model. There is a tool called Segment Mean Shift (Image Analyst Toolbox) that appears to be the same or similar that can be used in a model. Are these tools the same?

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Yes the Segment Mean Shift geoprocessing tool (in the Image Analyst and Spatial Analyst toolboxes) is performing segmentation and it can be used in a Model, like all other geoprocessing tools.

The Segment tool under the Imagery > Classification Tools list, performs segmentation on the layer and it useful when you want to interactively perform the classification workflow (using the Classification Wizard or the other classification tools under the classification drop-down list).