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RGB Composite Coming out Purple/Green

07-31-2020 08:25 AM
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I processed multi-spectral imagery from a drone of a salt marsh area using an Micasense Altum sensor.

Whenever I try to build a composite RGB in ArcMap 10.7 it either fails using just the composite tool, or turns out really high contrast and very green and purple (see the attached image) using the Image Analysis Window. I have built it using the reflectance maps of each individual band, red, green, blue, in that order. I want it to return an image that looks like it was taken with just a standard camera. Any help out there? I've already tried playing around with the percent clip, histograms, etc, but I have to admit I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing and it doesn't seem to fix it, just make it darker or lighter. The purple area should be just bare soil, the brownish areas should be a vivid green vegetated area, and teal-ish areas should be sparsely vegetated marsh.

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