Rater Image Dataset create mosaic or catalog?

04-13-2015 10:25 AM
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Help please we need some input on if we should use a Raster or a Mosaic?.  We have about 1000 Railroad R/W maps that make up the current and abandoned railroads throughout our County.  We have Geo referenced them using ARCGIS 10.1 tools to spatially align (sort of) to our existing parcel and control data.   Many of the images are overlapping and the information that may be needed is not something that can be assighned to the individual images themselves.    I would like the user to be able to easily identify and turn on and off the images that are in the extent of his ArcMap 10.1 display.  I have read the raster data organization in the ArcGIS 10.1 help and still am having some difficulty in choosing a path.  I am leaning toward the catalog for ease in turning on and off particular images is my thinking on this correct?

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