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10-27-2013 11:36 AM
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I am running arc gis server on a single server.   I have built data mosaics for a series of tif images.  The tif files are located on a san which connects to another server.   When I zoom in in Arc Map I can see the full resolution stuff just fine -- as my user account.   When I create an image service and view the service I can no longer see the full resolution imagery. I can see the overviews however.  AGS was installed using a local account to the AGS machine.   Should I change this account to a domain account that also has permissions to the SAN directory?  TO test I gave the everyone user full control and it still didnt work..  
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You will have to emulate that account on the remote server if you are only able to access it via that account. So you are on the right track. Whatever account you can see the source rasters from on your local machine, must also be emulated on the server. Usually if you are publishing the service, it is important to keep the SOC account emulated on systems running 10.0 and under and emulating the ArcGIS Server account is required. The account must be added explicitly, simply making it open to 'Everyone' usually doesn't suffice.

Per the help,
during the setup you'll be asked to provide one account that will access your GIS resources and data and run the ArcGIS Server service. This account is the ArcGIS Server account. At 10.1, there is no postinstallation to complete, and there are no SOM, SOC, or ArcGIS web services accounts to configure.
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