Processing Recommendations for DSM & DSM Volume Analysis

08-25-2019 06:12 PM
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I am a marine biologist and am new to using D2M software. I would like to ask for Processing Recommendations for DSM & DSM Volume Analysis. I am using D2M to map the volume of seaweed washed up on beaches in the Caribbean. Since the beach profile changes daily & sometimes the seaweed is only a few inches high - I will need a high resolution orthomosaic but more importantly a high density point cloud so that I can use the DSM and DTM products to calculate volume. Or I was thinking of overlaying the results of my image classification results (for the habitat map) with the DTM or the point cloud to extract just the volume of the seaweed found along the beach. Any suggestions?? 

Also can I use only the 2D options (to obtain high res ortho) as well as get a high quality point cloud or should I be using 3D Options for best results in creating DSM, DTM and point clouds?

Thanks for any recommendations or guidance!


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