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Optimize Rasters Threads and Performance

10-17-2019 05:18 AM
New Contributor III

I'm in the process of converting statewide (55k tiles) orthoimagery from TIFF to MRF. The operation is configured to 100% parallel processing factor and thread count = 10. When the process initially started, I could see that, indeed, multiple images were getting processed simultaneously in the temporary processing directory. However, two days later, I see that only one image is getting processed at a time and most of the processors are now sitting idle (before they were all being used and overall cpu usage was ~60%). What could be causing this to occur and are there any recommendations on what I can do speed this back up (e.g., stop the process in Pro and restart using the job, run directly in Python, etc.). At this rate it is going to take over an additional week to complete.

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