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07-09-2015 08:01 AM
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I was wondering if we can create a 4 band .JPX (Extended format of JPEG 2000) in ArcGIS. If not then what are other ways? Can it be readily available to download as a sample?


Thanks in advance.

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I doubt that current releases of ArcMap supports the extension of JPX (JPF) with JP2, which is defined in the part 2 of JPEG2000 standard to extend still image format.

It looks to me that ArcMap does only create 'base still image' format. Please refer to the thread at World files for j2c format?

Pls correct me, if wrong.


Known brands used in JPEG2000 standards:

Identifier Description Reference
"jp2 " JP2 JP2 specification
"jpx " JPX JPX specification
"jpxb" Baseline JPX JPX specification
"jpm " JPM JPM specification
"mjp2" Motion JPEG 2000 MJ2 specification
"mj2s" Motion JPEG 2000 Simple Profile MJ2 specification
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