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Image segmentation with multiband raster

03-31-2023 08:30 AM
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I have stacked an rgb raster with a canopy surface model to create a raster with four bands. Does the image classification wizard in ArcGIS Pro consider all bands in the raster when performing the image segmentation and classification? Or just the rgb values?

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It seems like the Image Classification Wizard handles only 3 bands (I haven't tried processing more than 3 bands in Image Analyst). 


However, the Segment Mean Shift function in Spatial Analyst accepts multi-band rasters supported by ESRI.

If Image Analyst doesn't do the segmentation on your raster, try the Segment Mean Shift in Spatial Analyst.

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Have you tried a multi-band raster with the Segment Mean Shift function? According to this webpage "The input raster needs to be 8 bits and either one or three bands."

I haven't actually tried it yet though.

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I have the same questions with a larger multibands raster (11 bands). I cannot find how to use it with the Image Segmentation tool, but I guess that's because it works with pixel values which have 3 bands in the display?

With regards to the original post, in the Image Analyst tools, the various classification functions have the option "additional input raster" (cf. image), which can expand the number of bands accounted for to 4. However, this option is not available for the Segment Mean Shift tool, but present in the "compute segment attributes" tool (cf. image), which can maybe help to include a 4th raster after an initial segmentation on a 3-band raster. 





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