Im looking for tutorials for ortho mapping.

09-05-2020 03:59 PM
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Also, can the same results be obtained using ArcMap as obtained by ArcGIS Pro? I notice that Pro has a dedicated workspace, with a way to utilize camera calibration and exterior orientation. Does ArcMap have these options? How about adding GCPs? Is there any guidance available anywhere? I'm willing to pay, if necessary. 

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1) for tutorials, yes.  See here for drone imagery: Create Drone Imagery Products in ArcGIS Pro—Imagery Workflows | Documentation  and here for scanned historical imagery: Create Scanned Aerial Imagery Products in ArcGIS Pro—Imagery Workflows | Documentation 

2) regarding ArcMap vs. Pro, in general yes you can use ArcMap, since the geoprocessing (GP) tools used for Ortho Mapping in ArcGIS Pro are also available in ArcMap.  However, I strongly recommend you use Pro for several reasons.

  • The GP tools for Ortho Mapping in ArcMap are at an older version (vs. Pro which have been updated through version 2.6), 
  • ArcGIS Pro uses a workflow on the ribbon that helps with choosing the correct tools and setting parameters based on the data type (e.g. the best settings for drone imagery are different from film, or satellite, etc.)
  • In addition, in Pro there are two visual interfaces that don’t exist in ArcMap:
    • For measuring fiducials (applicable only to film), 
    • And for marking ground control points (GCPs). 

Without these graphical user interfaces in ArcMap, you can still enter coordinates for the fiducials and also for GCPs but that may require you to use other methods to identify the necessary coordinates.

Cody B.