Frame of FMV in ArcGIS Pro is wrong or....

04-28-2021 05:06 AM
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Hi, I try to use FMV butI have a problem. Please check the image I attach.

I did a fly with Phantom Pro v2.0 with Site Scan App (not LE). I used the Inspection fly type with video mode. I downloaded the video and flights Metadata and then I followed the procedure in ArcGIS Pro. As you can see the camera is straight forward to the ground, not 90 degrees but it is looking towards the ground. But when I choose FMV the area that covered the frame is completely wrong. The frame covers a huge area which is far away. Any idea what is going wrong?

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What did you use for elevation in the processing and how high are you flying above ground

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Hi and thank you for your reply,

I don't remember the height of the flight, but it's not more than 50-60 meters.

I didn't use any file for elevation.

Do you think that is the problem?

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Vassilis - 

My first question would be to ask you to verify that you processed the correct GVL file to go along with the video - but presuming the answer is "yes" I expect that the problem here is that many drones report incorrect altitudes.  If your altitude values are incorrect and too high, the apparent video footprint will be too large.  Then, if you have any forward look angle (not directly down at Nadir?), the footprint may incorrectly indicate that the view is above the horizon.

Would it be possible for you to send me your Geospatial Video Log (GVL) file?  If you don't want to upload it publicly you can send me a private message.  (I don't need the video)  Please let me know your expected/planned flight altitude above ground.  I should be able to determine if your altitude values are incorrect, and show you a method to correct them.

I have not seen any cases where the pitch angle of the gimbal is recorded incorrectly, but it is possible there is an error in the metadata (and it may be possible to apply a correction).

Another question - is this your one and only video flight?  Have you done others that succeeded?  If you have no other samples, could you try recording another test video?  You should only need 15-30 seconds of video for a test.  

Cody B. 


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