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Exporting and Importing control points in Pro

12-06-2018 12:28 PM
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I often georeference floor plans of buildings.  Since the floors are stacked, the coordinate transformations are the same from floor to floor.  I will save the coordinate file from one georeferencing process and import the file for the other floors.  This saves work and allows all the images to be stacked in the same place.

If I georeference in ArcMap the link file is a .txt with an associated .prj file.  If I georeference in Pro I do not get a .prj file created.  If I create an associated .prj file for the link file, I still cannot see the .txt file when I try to load the control point file in Pro.

Why can't I import control points into Pro georeferencing after exporting them from the same process?

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Hi Randy,

The .prj files are associated with the raster dataset, not the control point file.  If you already have a .prj file you know you want to use, you can give it the same name as the raster dataset. 

As for why Pro is not writing out .prj files, we will look into it.   Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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Files in a folder

Hi Simon,

I have attached a screenshot of the folder where I save my link files.  The files created in pro are outlined in red, while the bottom ones were created in arcmap.  You can see that ArcMap has a .txt and .prj file with the same name. 

The blue underline shows a .prj file that I copied and renamed to try and create an association.

The puzzling part of this is Pro is able to open Control Point files created in ArcMap, but not able to open Control Point files created in Pro.

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Was this ever solved?  I'm having the same problem - I export control points to a txt file, but when trying to import them, they don't show up in the folder where I saved them.  (the file is there in File Explorer, just not via Pro).  I can see other exported control point files, and when I compare them to the one I can't see, they look identical, so I just don't know what's going wrong. (no prj files associated with the working files, so that's not the issue)

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I'm experiencing the same, the control points have been exported (to a .txt file) but is not visible when I use Georeference > Adjust group > Import Control Points. @TechnicalSupport 




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