ecw 4 arcgis server 10.1 (2013)

05-27-2013 08:44 AM
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I have problem in publishing ecw file in ArcGIS for Srver 10.1.
My installed software:
ArcGIS for Server 10.1 SP1 + Image Extention(i have license only and i dont have image extention installer(if exist!) ) + ECW for ArcGIS Server 2013 (Licensed from intergraph) + intergraph license administrator 11.10.1
Please help me.
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Please help me ?!
ECW files is the best for imagery is small and high quality.
I need to this, but i have big problem for publishing this file types.
I am waiting for expert user and ESRI support tem answer.
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The natural question is can you serve any other raster types.  If you cannot publish them then you will not be able to publish the ECW.  Since the ECW requires a plugin and if you can publish the other types, then I would recommend contacting Erdas.  They would be the ones to contact, hence the lack of an answer.  If you cannot publish any raster, then I would recommend calling in and creating a Support Incident.
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Note that ECW is a proprietary format.  Access to the format is controlled by Erdas, who put restrictions on the use of the format on any server technology. Erdas provide a for fee extension for ArcGIS Server to enable the serving of ECW files. This essentially licenses a GDAL driver that enables ArcGIS Server to read the format. An alternative is to convert the imagery to map cache. This can be done easily in ArcGIS 10.1 by first creating a mosaic dataset of the different images that you want (No need to create overviews). Then use the DataManagement\TileCache\ManageTileCache tool to generate a map cache. A map cache is also highly compressed although not as compact as ECW. It will generally be about 30% larger for the same quality. Such a map cache can directly be used as a raster within ArcGIS and also easily and very efficiently served through ArcGIS Server (Create a map based on a feature class that covers the extent, and use the cache in place of the map cache). Alternatively map cache can also be packaged and then shared and published through ArcGIS Online.
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Firstly, it looks that your license of ECW plug-in is not properly setup. Secondly, it is not good idea to directly server ECW files in ArcGIS Server (ECW mainly optimized in ERDAS Apollo).

Anyhow, in addition to Peter's two solutions to addess this ECW issue, my practice is added for additional reference.

Generally, if having image extension for ArcGIS Server licensed, it is logical to load ECW files into MD first, and then serve as image service.

In fact, we have managed many historical ECW files (mainly before 2006) into time-serial MD directly. Just pay some attentions here; for example, to clean the boundary around the ECW in MD, and then analyze. Also, advisable to create and build overviews for visibility at lower scales (not only for better performance). Arguable on this aspect with ESRI advices !!! �?�

So far, we have no problem to successfully create and publish MD containing ECW files.

Please share new findings, if any�?�

Good Luck!

Keep in mind that ECW is just one of raster formats (TIFF, IMG, JP2, ECW, ERS, MrSID, etc).  GDAL supports .ecw format for read access and write. Link at

If having ECW plug-in licensed, it is guaranteed that image service from MD containing ECW sources can be drawing properly at higher scales or full resolution.

Also don�??t be confused by the documentation at
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