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I am trying to use deep learning algorithm and use arcpy scripts tot export the training samples and train my model-using this technique to land cover classification purpose. I am using following codes in my Jupyter notebook-

and getting following errors

Could anyone suggest me what this is saying to me? also i tried to use ArcGIS API for python library for this to export training samples but could not do that as well. I know this can be done using Pro but I wanted to use python for the whole project. Thank you!

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There are lots of issues with deep learning in general, however, you would be advised to use folder paths that don't contain spaces to reduce the possibility that they aren't being parsed properly.

Also, make sure that you installed the required modules and version in the environment for which you are working.  Check that the environment is activated prior to running any deep learning exercises.

For deep learning issues, simply do a search on GeoNet.  Perhaps your use case has been seen before

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Looks like you've got the syntax incorrect. Using this syntax should work (I’ve used variables, so you can directly just use this command line). (Pro 2.6)


arcpy.ia.ExportTrainingDataForDeepLearning(inRaster, out_folder, in_training, image_chip_format, tile_size_x, , tile_size_y, stride_x, stride_y, "ONLY_TILES_WITH_FEATURES", metadata_format, 0, None, 0, None, 0, reference_system, "PROCESS_AS_MOSAICKED_IMAGE", "NO_BLACKEN", "FIXED_SIZE")