Clipping Sentinels

06-12-2019 11:51 PM
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Hi guys,

I need to clip my sentinel image with composition RGB 843. 

I was working with this manual arcgis desktop - Clipping multi-band Sentinel-2 composites in ArcMap? - Geographic Information Syste... 

I saved RGB composite as XML from original. Than I used Data management / Clip. After that my clip image was all white so I chose stretch type to NONE+apply and then St.Dev+APPLY. Then I chose From Custom Settings below and upload my XML but my clip image was all black  

Do you have some ideas please how can I clip my sentinel?

Thank you.

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You downloaded some scenes in SAFE format?

Have you tried adding them to a Mosaic Dataset and just set the boundary to your desired project area? There is no need to clip ... and if you still want to do: Export Mosaic Items with custom extents is straight forward.

To better ‘see’ your 16bit data, use PercentClip or/and DRA ... you can use/create RasterFunctionTemplates for this ... Let me know when you need help


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Clipping Sentinels

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Hi, Mr. Doerfell,

actually I got them in GIF and IMG format but it is large territory and i need clip only small region

thank you.

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