cannot import name 'SuperResolution'

07-21-2020 01:22 PM
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For the life of me, I cannot get arcgis.learn to import the name 'SuperResolution' in the Jupyter Python Notebook sample called "Increase Image Resolution using SuperResolution".  This sample can be found here Superresolution Sample.  I have updated Conda so that should be all good.  Additionally, I'm a relative novice so forgive me if I don't get a term right.  I have run this in AGOL Jupyter Notebook and on Notebooks inside ArcGIS Pro.  The error looks like this:

from arcgis.learn import SuperResolution, prepare_data

 (It then gives me the following error):

---------------------------------------------------------------------------ImportError                               Traceback (most recent call last) In  [10]: Line 1:     from arcgis.learn import SuperResolution, prepare_data ImportError: cannot import name 'SuperResolution'---------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have checked the arcgis.learn documentation here and it is still called 'SuperResolution' as the name.
Why then can it not import the name 'SuperResolution'?

If someone could please help me with this that would be ultra-helpful. Thanks so much! I've

also attached the Jupyter Notebook Python sample.
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Did you make sure that you have the conda environment activated where everything was installed?

Install and set up | ArcGIS for Developers 

Your import is right according to the documentation, so something is amiss (check version of the arcgis module, install path etc)

arcgis-python-api/increase-image-resolution-using-superresolution.ipynb at d943dd416d96c6828bcf54112... 

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The conda environment might be the issue.  I will check on that and let you know.  Thanks!


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