ArcGIS Pro vs ENVI

11-29-2023 08:44 AM
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Remote sensing folks - does anyone have experience with using both ArcGIS Pro and ENVI?

My experience is primarily with ArcGIS Pro - but we've had an uptick in requests (I work in IT at a college) for ENVI licenses. I'm trying to understand the relationship and why you would use ENVI over ArcGIS Pro.

I was able to find this link - it appears that there is some sort of integration with ArcGIS? I can't find any information on what the connection is, so my hunch is that you can use ENVI tools in tandem with ArcGIS, but you still need some sort of license for ENVI to do that (it's not an integration like Jupyter Notebooks). 

Any information is welcome! I'm mostly just trying to understand why you would want a license for ENVI when you can just use ArcGIS Pro. Or if you use ENVI, what do you use it for that you can't use in ArcGIS Pro.

We're not doing anything super complex, so we don't need reports or stuff like that - it's mostly just imagery analysis that research groups are doing.

Thanks all!

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