Accessing each single image?

05-30-2011 12:29 AM
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i dont have a lot of experience with the ArcGIS Image Server and have a general Question concerning this product.
I have a mass of image data and would like to show single images in an Silverlight-Application. Because of the fact that Silverlight doesn't allow local data access, i need to publish the images.

Is it possible to publish images in a certain folder and then access each image individually?
So that i can set some kind of adress in my SilverlightCode to open the image in my app?

Thanks in advance!
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Assuming the imagery is georeferenced then the best would be to create a Mosaic Dataset of the imagery. This can easily be done by creating using the Raster Datasets, Raster Type and defining the required directory as the Workspace to add. For such an application there is no need to create overviews of the mosaic dataset, but it is advantageous to create pyramids on each image. Publish the mosaic dataset as an image service. You will then want to create your application such that it access the imagery using LockRaster to specify the specific (or set) of images to be displayed.
For samples of Silverlight code to do this review the "Image Service Explorer Sample" in the resource center.
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