Site Scan for ArcGIS, Share/publish data to ArcGIS Online in defined coordinate system/tile schema

12-17-2020 02:27 AM
Status: Open
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After processing drone data in Site Scan for ArcGIS, clients wants to share data to the rest of the organization using ArcGIS Online - and combine the drone products with other content. Today Site Scan only publishes data to ArcGIS Online in spatial reference 102100, regardless of what coordinate system is defined in the settings of the Site Scan project.  This causes problems for customers who have other data (especially raster / tiled products) that follow a different coordinate system / tile scheme. We need functionality in Site Scan so that the user can define which coordinate system / tile schema the data is published in when publishing to ArcGIS Online. An easy way to solve this could be for the user to point to a map service / basemap with the desired coordinate system / tile schema.

The workaround today is for the user to export the results from Site Scan (the export honor the coordinate system defined in the Site Scan project) and republish the content in the desired coordinate system / tile schema from ArcGIS Pro.