Site Scan Flight naming panel obscures view of other flight paths

10-07-2020 11:13 AM
Status: Open
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In Site Scan, when you are naming a subsequent flight in one project, the naming panel obscures the previously entered flights such that you can not see in entirety how the previous flights were named. Because this panel does not allow being moved; you need to write down the name of the previous flight in order to use the same naming convention. Which is a pain and waste of time. The utmost importance in following naming conventions is universally understood as the one most straightforward way to stay organized when you have multiple renditions of anything in one project. To make this far simpler in Site Scan, please do away with the silly notion that a panel can not be moved to another location; thereby allowing to see what lays beneath. In this case, the full flight name of the previous flights. Having panels that are locked in place is such an old style that never was a good idea. Not sure how it has continued on for so long. Other than that Site Scan is a wonderful geoprocessing tool. Screenshot of how the Site Scan Flight naming panel obscures the list of flight names