Site Scan - FAA Airspace layer and VFR Sectional basemap

07-16-2020 12:42 PM
Status: Implemented
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It is really a necessity to be fully Part 107 compliant to have ready and easy access to FAA Airspace layers. These layers should be one click toggle on\off. I know on the roadmap it will be possible for customers to pull in published layers onto the map themselves, but these FAA layers are so important they just need to be included in the SiteScan platform built in. FAA is a full ESRI customer and publicly publishing these layers. Here is their webapp showing this data\layers. In addition, the FAA's VFR sectional map should be added as a basemap option. Here is an example.


Hi @PNWGuy , sorry for the delay, better late than never. 

The Airspace Link integration in the Flight app released earlier this year shows U.S. airspace layers if any part of your flight area intersects with controlled airspace. See additional details in this announcement.

If you'd like to display Sectional and Terminal Area charts in the app, you can add them to your ArcGIS Online account and display them in the Flight app. 


Status changed to: Implemented