Site Scan, ArcGIS Enterprise integration

07-27-2020 09:03 AM
Status: Open
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Working with Site Scan and consuming content that is published as a web service for reference, it would be handy to have the ability to snap to the extents of a polygon. This could be an easy way to assist with flight planning from an office setting. I recently put together an application that allowed users within my organization to input locations where they need drone flights taken. Almost all of the sites and projects that have been submitted are for 2D area surveys. User submits a polygon in the application (either desktop or mobile app), I use that in Site Scan to construct my flight area. Seems simple, but I think integrating and providing a way to select a polygon and automatically generate that project area would be slick or the ability to snap to the polygon extents of what use.  This might be a way to bridge the gap for desktop flight planning. 

Scenarios or tools for enhancements

1. Ability to snap to displayed enterprise features in Site Scan

2. Ability to select a displayed enterprise feature in Site Scan and auto generate polygon for flight area

3. Larger projects, similar to #2 but auto generate polygons for flight area but the ability to split the project area into sections.