Set Minimum Break Value Below Data's Minimum Statistic In Classified Raster Symbology

11-19-2010 08:05 PM
Status: Open
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In Classified Renderers, when manually setting the "Break Values", you can set a break greater than the maximum statistic, but you can NOT set a break lower than the minimum.  It forces you to the value of the minimum statistic.  What if you have data that might go lower than this in the future?  What if you just want to set nice clean breaks?  I don't see why the smallest break must be greater than or equal to the minimum statistic.

This can be gotten around by loading values from another data set, but this is a lot of extra work to setup that data as needed.

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The same applies to classified symbology for vector data. At the moment it is in ArcGIS Pro even possible to set the upper value of the first class lower than the range that ArcGIS automatically calculates. The lower value does not get changed in this process. Connected to this is the option to recalculate the range with higher sample size. This option should be moved from advanced to the histogram menue. If you have already chosen manually changed classes, the lower value will not update, so you have to change back to one of the automatic class options and manually enter the ranges afterwards. Also for importing symbology from .lyr does not offer the option to adapt the lower value to the class range in the current data.