Make Sentinel-2 Imagery Time Aware

01-03-2019 10:17 AM
Status: Open
Frequent Contributor

In 2018, ESRI added ESA's Sentinel-2 imagery as a layer in the Living Atlas. The imagery defaults to the "best" image using a filter but that will not always be the most current image. Since there is date/time attributes, I thought you might be able to use the time aware configurable app with the Sentinel-2 image service but it will not accept it as a time aware layer.

I would like to see whatever change is needed to the Sentinel-2 imagery service within the Living Atlas to allow its use within the time aware configurable app. Due to its repeat cycle, it's incredibly valuable to be able to cycle through recent images to study recent changes.


Hi Steve, have you tried using the Imagery Viewer configurable app to browse Sentinel-2 imagery? It's designed to let you browse an image service using a timeline, and may solve your problem. You might also check out the Sentinel Explorer app, which has some similar functionality.


Hi Emily,

I didn't try the imagery viewer app but I'll take a look at it. I guess I considered that more of a true color/false color type of app rather than date selective (which is why I turned to the time aware app initially).

I'm aware of the Sentinel Explorer app which is a great tool but I need my app to focus on a specific area and display the latest image, not the latest BEST image.