Drone2Map data processing in the cloud/large servers

09-01-2016 01:28 AM
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In Drone2Map, the data processing would often be very heavy an time consuming on a laptop, which a lot of people are working on. It would be a significant improvement if, the processing could be "outsourced" to a cloud environment or server environment.

So do the setup of the processing on your laptop/work environment and the processing itself on a stronger environment.

That would save a lot of time and improve efficiency. 

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I am not understanding your idea.

Drone2Map runs on Server 2012.  That means, feel free to either spin up a VM, use a dedicated server or subscribe to any Cloud Datacenter you'd like and run it.

You will pay for processor time in any scenario.

Suggesting to offload to cloud for processing would require massive data transfers as well.

I am down-voting this for now as I do not see this being viable.  Feel free to add some information I may have missed.