Create an Android version of Site Scan

07-20-2020 11:03 PM
Status: Open
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As Esri are platform agnostic, please can you create an Android version of Site Scan app. Based on its history and that Esri purchased it from 3DR, I realise why it is currently only available on iOS devices, however it is an important application for all users who use Drone2Map and related software. Even Quick Capture integrates with Site Scan to leverage the ability for capturing data. 

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We have been considering creation of an Android version, but note that this app is responsible for controlling and ensuring the safe flight of commercial drones, and this requires extensive testing.  Extending this functionality to Android devices would be a major development effort and we have not yet made a commitment to proceed. 

Can you let us know your reasons for this request?  Is the primary concern related to the cost of the tablet?  Do you need a ruggedized mobile device?  Are there limitations imposed by your IT department?  Are there security concerns?  [Please add any other issues for consideration]


If you'd like to discuss your requirements further, please contact


Hi Cody,   Currently using  DJI smart controller as is designed for commercial applications. 

 I am currently using Pix4Dcapture for mission planing and Drone2map for photogrammetry.

 Looked at site scan and I was impressed with it and connectivity with Arcgis online.  I would definitely move to this if developed.


Hi Cody

We only use Android on our mobile phones and tablets. We don't have any iOS devices but perhaps this is something we will need to reconsider if Esri is unable to start development on an Android version.

There is no IT policy that would prohibit us from doing so, it is more a budgetary constraint at the moment. 




We use several products from Esri. More than 200 ArcMap licenses, ArcGIS Enterprise, Collector, Survey123, WEbApp Builder.
And our IT has Android as a standard for mobile devices. 


In the comapny, where I work, we have more than 200 Arcmap Licenses, and Our company uses Android system for mobile devices. So, is very important a connection between Esri with Android.