Full Motion Video (FMV) available in ArcGIS Pro. For ArcMap 10.8.x, Version 1.4.2 is available for download.

01-27-2017 04:04 PM
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Esri has released an updated version of the Full Motion Video (FMV) add-in, version 1.4.2, for the current version of ArcMap (10.8.x).  If you are using earlier versions of ArcMap, you'll need different versions of the add-in.  Refer to http://esriurl.com/FMVmanual for supported versions.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that FMV has been supported in ArcGIS Pro (with the Image Analyst extension) since Pro version 2.2, and all active development is focused on the 64-bit 3D environment of ArcGIS Pro.  For users on the 10.x platform, FMV has been recompiled for compatibility with 10.8.x, but no new features are being added into the 10.x platform.  Users are encouraged to move to Pro for the latest capabilities which include

  • Viewing in 2D and 3D
  • Support for VMTI (video moving target indicator) metadata
  • Support of a DEM in the Video Multiplexer geoprocessing tool

See more information at https://www.esriurl.com/FMVFAQpro 

For video captured with appropriate metadata (regarding camera location and orientation), FMV enables viewing and processing of video in a mapping environment.  FMV is compatible with a variety of common video formats, whether captured from fixed vantage points, manned aircraft, or drones. 


Refer to the landing page at http://esri.com/FMV for further information, and go to my.esri.com if you need to download the software for ArcMap 10.x.  For ArcGIS Pro with the Image Analyst extension, no download is required.

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So I don't really get it. How to get a FMW Add In? I go to My ESRI and find nothing useful.

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It is a bit buried.  Log into My Esri, find the version of ArcGIS for Desktop you use, and then look under Apps:

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In a recent post we discussed about audio data that is not currently retained by the Video Multiplexer tool of FMV. Is it possible to keep audio data in the new release?

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The current version is 1.3.2 which is compatible with ArcMap 10.3 through 10.5.  In that version, no, unfortunately audio is not retained.  

The next version will be built into Pro version 2.1 late this year.  We have noted this request for audio support, but I can't say at this time if audio will be supported in that next release.  

Cody B. 

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When will FMV be available in ArcGIS Pro?

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We were not able to complete the necessary work to include FMV in Pro 2.1, so we are now targeting Pro version 2.2, mid 2018.  FMV will be included in the Image Analyst Extension.

Cody B. 

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Where can I get help with this tool crashing Pro 2.7 every time I try to run it?  I've searched all the community posts I can and tried formatting the data in a thousand different ways.  I even downloaded SiteScan and used that app to fly my drone so I would have data that is supposedly ready to work with FMV Multiplexer.  It still crashes every time I try to run the tool.

Thanks in advance.