Mapping Dorm Rooms to track Student Coronavirus Symptoms

03-07-2020 06:33 AM
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I'm serving on a COVID-19 response team at my institution. I'll be working with our HR & Health dept. to develop a process for students/staff to self-report symptoms. Survey 123 seems ideal, but what would be even better would be if we had ArcGIS Indoors working & had our dorms mapped. This is something we wanted to do years ago during H1N1.

Any suggestions on "how to get started quickly"?

I'm thinking one suggestion would be, leverage the help of an area GIS expert to see if they would do some volunteer work to help us get this rolling.

I'm pretty sure I could get CAD files of the dorms.

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Hi Krissy,

Maybe a rough-and-ready representation of the dorms, rooms and their rough position would actually be better and easier to interpret than a full-on CAD for each dorm?

Much like the London Underground (tube) map.

I think that could be knocked up very quickly.

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I definitely would have access to that . . . so, are you thinking just overlay that on a map & incorporate into Survey123? (not sure how I'd handle floors - multiple maps?)

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    Have you had any further help with this?  If time is of the essence (and it surely is) you could create the Survey123 with the dorm room as a field, then relate it to your mapped data at a later point in ArcGIS Indoors.  I have experience with Survey123 - but not ArcGIS Indoors, but assume this functionality would be easy to add. 

    If you come up with a working solution could you share with the community?  I'm sure there are colleges and institutions worldwide that would love to build off what you have started!



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