determining the number of seats needed for institutional license

01-20-2021 01:36 PM
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Hello. I'm curious to know if anyone has any insight into how you and/or Esri determines licensing cost to provide campus-wide access to named user accounts through students and faculty's SSO IDs. I'm aware that many colleges and universities are now providing access to their AGoL organizations and Pro licensing through their campus logins. While the idea is to provide an AGoL and/or Pro seat to any student or faculty member on campus, I expect only a fraction of them do. My understanding is that institutional license costs are still based on the number of users/seats to be provided. The current user base at my institution is less than 5% of students and faculty, though that definitely grow if there's capacity. Hard to say how much though. Thanks for any insight you can share. 

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Licensing for educational institutions (higher education) is determined based on the size of the school. Then, within those tiers, the schools have the ability to provide nearly unlimited access to the entire student/faculty body (for educational uses), as well as a more limited set of users/licenses for administrative use. If you want to jump on a call to discuss - just send me an e-mail (

Brian Baldwin, Senior Solution Engineer
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