New Website: Introduction to Imagery and Remote Sensing for Higher Education

2 weeks ago
Esri Contributor
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Esri recently published a website, Introduction to Remote Sensing and Imagery, offering a growing body of materials to aid the development of university-level curricula. These readily available teaching resources are free to use for all educators.

Our first release presents a series of hands-on activities covering a wide variety of topics, including interactive web apps, and real-world problem-based labs. It also includes slides decks presenting fundamental imagery and remote sensing concepts. Pick and choose from this mix of materials!

Students will be able to understand remote sensing fundamentals, learn to prepare and render imagery, work with lidar and drone data, analyze multidimensional and temporal data, extract information from remote sensed data, and more. 

These learning materials will be updated regularly to match software releases and current best practices. More materials will be added over the next several months, stay tuned.

View the new website!

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Esri Contributor

Thank you @AngelaDuran for this great info!

Anyone who wants to watch an introductory video on this new webpage can watch it here.